Supporting & Strengthening Early Relationships



Haven & Base is a fresh new approach in supporting parents and babies throughout pregnancy, birth and the first year.

We offer a range of parent workshops, classes, courses and retreats tailored to meet the needs of families from 28 weeks pregnant until their child reaches 1 year old.

Parents can also book our unique parent-baby coach service with Karen Ditchfield for families needing a little bit of extra support.

Our educational workshops and 1:1 support are designed to compliment existing maternity and child health services.

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Haven & Base was founded by Karen Ditchfield to provide high quality, attachment based support, advice and education to parents, babies and young children throughout pregnancy and the 1001 days following birth.

The name Haven & Base is a reflection on a quote by John Bowlby (the attachment theorist) who stated that; parents should provide their children with ‘a safe haven’ and ‘a secure base’ (particularly during the early years) from where a child can grow and develop to reach their true potential in life. At Haven & Base we provide a ‘safe haven’ and a ‘secure base’ for both parents and their children so that they may flourish and thrive together.

At Haven & Base we understand and value the importance of a positive early years experience for both a child and their parent and our services are built upon this assumption.

For a child, early experience provides the foundation for life and can shape and form the way a child grows and develops, how a child copes with feelings and emotions and how a child forms relationships across their lifespan.

For a parent, early parenting can be a tough job and can impact upon self-identity and the simple joy of being a parent.

 Each one of our services have been carefully designed to support parents, babies and young children at this critical time with everything from our educational peri-natal NURTURE workshops, our SLEEPOLOGY parent courses and one-to-one bespoke parent-baby-toddler coaching with Karen Ditchfield.

We are based in West Sussex but run workshops, courses and classes across Sussex and Surrey. We are currently creating our online parenting courses (launching in Summer 2022) for parents living outside these areas.

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Haven & Base strives to provide high quality, evidenced based services delivered by empathetic and experienced practitioners. 

Our range of services aim to;

  • Support a parents transition to parenthood

  • Strengthen and support early parent-infant relationships

  • Help parents to develop skills and knowledge about infant and child behaviour and capabilities

  • Promote mental health well being for the whole family

  • Empower parents to make their own informed choices about their own child

  • Encourage sensitive and responsive parenting

  • Help parents to understand their own child's needs across their development

  • Help parents to develop resilience and strategies for coping with stress and anxiety.