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Baby Crawling

Early Parenting Support

1:1 support with Karen Ditchfield

Becoming a parent can be a rewarding and joyful experience but taking care of a baby or young child isn't always easy, especially if you have had to deal with a past trauma or difficulty.

We all want the best for our children and to be the best parent that we can possibly be. But sometimes we may need support with this.

Karen has trained extensively in attachment theory and she uses her wealth of professional and personal experience of working with parents, babies and families for over 25 years, to support any parent wherever they are on their parenting journey, to create secure and happy relationships with their baby or child.

Whether you are an expectant parent, unsure about how to connect with your unborn baby or a new parent struggling with meeting the needs of your newborn baby and your own transition into parenthood, are a parent who is trying to understand what your young baby is communicating to you or are a parent who is coping with a toddler's challenging behaviour, Karen can help.

"We now understand just how important the way in which we parent our babies and children, (especially in their first weeks, months and years of life), is on our children's life-long mental health and well-being"

Karen Ditchfield

1:1 Support with Karen Ditchfield

60 Minute Home or ZOOM Consultation


Packages of Early Parenting Support
are available

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