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The Peaceful Mother Circle

A dedicated space for any mother to reflect, relax and restore balance

As a mother, do any of these statements resonate?

Juggling work with a happy family life

Trying to meet your own and society’s expectations to be ‘the perfect mother’

Second guessing your own parenting decisions

Coping with children who have additional needs

Putting the needs of your family above your own and often to your own  detriment

Trying to be all things to all people

Struggling to find an identity outside that of being a mother

Experiencing motherhood GUILT

Running on empty

If you have answered YES to any of the above statements then The Peaceful Mother Circle is for you.

The Peaceful Mother Circle

The Peaceful Mother Circle is designed to support and empower any woman with the challenges and trials that mothering can bring.

It is so important that we as mothers take time out for ourselves to re-balance, re-set and recover both physically and emotionally.

We cannot take care of our children if we do not take care of ourselves.

The Peaceful Mother Circle
The Haven & Base Studio, Pulborough, West Sussex






Who is this for?

The Peaceful Mother Circle is for any mother at any stage of her motherhood journey but may be particularly helpful for those yearning for more harmony or balance in their lives or hoping for stronger, calmer connections with their child(ren).

How it works?

Each week we will meet and will explore a particular mothering issue or motherhood theme through a combination of group discussion, mindfulness, meditation and art.

You are welcome to join the circle as often or as little as you wish. Some mothers book a block of circles while others choose to pick and mix depending on their need at the time.

What's in it for me?

The Peaceful Mother Circle has been designed to provide a safe and dedicated space for a mother to reflect upon their motherhood journey thus far, gain insight into who they are and what they value as a mother and learn specific relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help cope with everyday life.

Throughout The Peaceful Mother Circle, you will:

Explore what it means to be a mother

Reflect upon your own parenting style and how this might impact your child

Refect upon your challenges & struggles

Explore your own emotional needs and self-regulation.

Learn specific breathing and relaxation techniques

Make connections with other mothers


The Peaceful Pregnant Mother CircleJa


A blissful 4 week course for any expectant mother to prepare  emotionally, physically and spiritually for birth and her transition into motherhood.

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