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Baby & Toddler Gentle Sleep Solutions

Our children's sleep is not under our control and a child's ability to sleep through the night can be linked to many factors such as stage of development, illness or emotional state.

There are however, many things that a parent can do or put in place to help their baby or child develop healthy sleeping patterns now and for the future.


Baby & Toddler Gentle Sleep Solutions

60 Minute Consultation via ZOOM

+ 45 Minute Follow-Up via ZOOM

+ Analaysis of Sleep Questionnaire

+ Bespoke Sleep Plan


Who's this for?

This sleep package is perfect for any parent hoping to establish healthy sleeping patterns with their baby or child aged between 4 months and 3 years old.

What to expect?

Before your initial consultation

Karen will send you a sleep questionnnaire to be completed about your baby or child. This questionnaire will give Karen a more holistic view of your child, and will highlight any specific areas of need.  

During your initial consultation

Karen will meet you via ZOOM and discuss your concerns and hopes for your child's sleep. Karen will then discuss her findings of your sleep

questionnaire and will give you specific advice about where and how to make changes. You will:

learn how to establish healthy sleep patterns with your baby or child while still meeting their emotional needs.

gain knowledge and skills about your baby or toddler's sleep requirements

learn how to establish a healthy sleep hygiene with your baby or toddler, including effective soothing & settling techniques

understand how to interpret your child's sleep cues

Following your initial consultation

Karen will send you a bespoke sleep plan with short and long term sleep goals for your child.

​Follow Up Consultation

Karen will meet you again via ZOOM 2-3 weeks after your initial consultation to reflect on how things are going. If required you can book an additional 30 minute follow-up consultation for £30.

What not to expect?

This is not a sleep training programme for infants and children or a one size fits all sleep regime Karen works with parents to help them to read and respond to their child's biological and emotional needs which will impact upon child sleep and are entirely unique to each child. 

The promise that following your consultation with Karen your baby or child will magically sleep through the night.  It is true that often small tweaks and changes in sleep hygiene can dramatically change your child's sleep for the better and Karen will gently guide you with this. But, a child's sleep can depend on other factors such as stage of development, illness or emotional needs. Karen gives parents the tools, knowledge and confidence to begin to create better lasting sleeping habits with their child that meets all of their needs.

That you will be advised to leave your baby or child alone in distress when trying to establish healthy sleeping patterns. Karen never advises parents to ignore their baby or child’s emotional needs as a tactic for establishing healthy sleeping patterns. 

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