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Pre-Birth Parenting

Pre-Birth Parenting is what we do as parent's prior to birth to positively impact the emotional and physical development of our child. It's also about connecting and bonding with our unborn baby and preparing ourselves for their arrival and our transition into parenthood.

Pre-Birth Parenting

90 minute home or ZOOM consultation


Who's this for?

The Pre-Birth Parenting Session is perfect for any expectant parent from 28 weeks gestation until birth

What to expect?

Karen will visit you at home or meet you on ZOOM for a 90 minute consultation.

Pregnancy is a great time for any expectant parent to think about who they are, what kind of life experience has got them to this place, what their feelings, dreams and aspirations are for their baby, and what kind of parent, they hope to become.

It’s also a time to restore balance and bring calm to a person's life.


During this pre-birth parenting session Karen will gently guide any expectant parent to explore and reflect on some of these ideas. Karen will also support a parent to bond and connect with their unborn child through relaxation and mindfulness and will help any expectant parent to prepare emotionally, and psychologically for birth and for their transition into parenthood. 

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