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3-4 month Sleep Shaping

Infant sleep is not under a parent's control and cannot be forced. Every single baby is an individual and their sleeping pattern unique. There is not one universal chart or instruction manual that can predict when and how your baby will sleep.

But, by the time your baby reaches 3-4 months old, a parent can begin to gently shape their baby's sleep into a healthy, predictable pattern with longer periods of sleep at night.

Sleeping Baby

3-4 Month Sleep Shaping

60 Minute Consultation via ZOOM

+ Bespoke Sleep Plan


What to expect?

Karen will meet you on ZOOM for a 60 minute consultation.

During this time, you will learn:

knowledge and skills about your baby's sleep requirements

​how to establish healthy sleep hygiene with your baby, including effective soothing & settling techniques

how to understand your baby's sleep cues

how to respond to your baby sensitively & responsively

In addition

Following your consultation, you will receive a bespoke sleep plan written by Karen for your baby with short and long term sleep goals.

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