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Haven & Base will only undertake business on the following terms and conditions. These terms are legally binding so please read them carefully. The acceptance of a place on any Haven & Base workshop, course or class or the booking of a home, ZOOM or telephone consultation with Karen Emery will be deemed as acceptance of the following terms and conditions:


 The fee for all Haven & Base workshops and parent coaching services are due in advance of the service. Once your payment has been received Haven & Base will send you a confirmation email.


You may cancel your Haven & Base booking at any time by letting us know by email or telephone. We will acknowledge receipt of your cancellation by email or telephone within three days of receipt.

 If the Haven & Base booking is cancelled the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Less than 48 hours notice- full amount payable

  • 48 hours -7 days notice- 50% of final fee payable

  • 7-14 days 25 % of final fee payable

Haven & Base recognise that when working with family’s and young children, cancellations may be due to illness and we will try to work with clients to arrange another date and there will be no charge or cancellation fee as long as the same service is being booked.

Although exceptional, Haven & Base reserves the right to cancel workshops at short notice due to personal circumstances- in this event all workshop attendees will be offered a full refund or chance to join another workshop (at a later date).

 Payment for a workshop, group or class confirms you place on that given workshop and is non-refundable from the point of booking.


 If you are miss a session within one of our Haven & Base courses due to illness we cannot guarantee that we will be able to book you into another session to catch up. Our courses are usually fully booked. If you do miss a session, your course facilitator can provide you with written material of the course content missed.


 All advice given by Karen Emery is based on previous experience, training and opinion only and should not be substituted for medical advice from your GP, Midwife, Health Visitor or paedatrician.

Haven & Base does not work in a medical capacity and any concerns about your baby or child’s health should be taken up with your GP, midwife, health visitor or paedatrician.

The Parent Coaching Service is intended as a supplement to the information, advice and general instruction offered by the local NHS Trust.


Upon booking a Haven & Base workshop, course or group you as the participant agree to the following:

  • I will take full responsibility for myself (and my baby) and for everything that happens to me and my baby within the Haven & Base workshops, courses or group.

  • I will seek advice from my medical professional before proceeding with the workshops, course or group if I have any concerns.

  • I will keep the Haven & Base facilitator informed of any health issues that arise over the course of the workshop, course or group for both for me and my baby.

  • I will refrain from divulging information about other children and/or parents within the workshop, course or group without the permission from those involved.

  • I will ensure that photographs or materials published on social networking sites do not identify other children or parents without permission from those involved.


Upon booking a service with Haven & Base you have read and agreed to the following:

  • Customer information that is provided will be stored for a period of 5 years

  • Only your name and/or your baby’s name are printed for the register and other relevant documents, the rest of your details are never printed out.

  • Customer information that is held electronically is done so upon a secure storage with password protected access.

  • Customers may be contacted via email with details of future classes, workshops, groups or offers. Please inform your Haven & Base facilitator if you do not want to be contacted in the future.

  • Customer data will never be shared with any third party for marketing purposes.

  • Customers can request copies of the data Haven & Base holds about them at any time.

  • Customers may withdraw consent in the future regarding the way in which their data is stored and used.


Occasionally, and only in order to support a baby, child or parent's emotional, physical or psychological needs, a referral to local support services may be appropriate.

Upon the booking of any Haven & Base service the client has read, understood and agrees with the following:

  • I give my permission for Karen Emery to make a referral to local support services in order to support my needs, my baby or child’s needs or the needs of my family.

  • I understand that Karen Emery will inform me of any referral made prior to any information being shared.

  • I agree that personal information about me, my baby or child may be shared with the following agencies:

    • NHS and other Health Services, including my GP practice, health visitor or midwife.

    • Early Intervention Service including the police.

    • Mental Health Services

    • Children’s Social Care

  • I understand that my consent to share personal information about me and my baby or child is entirely voluntary and that I can withdraw my consent at any time


Consent for Haven & Base to take photographs of you and/or you baby or child to use on our website, in promotional or educational activity is assumed upon the booking of any Haven & Base service.

If you do not give permission for Haven & Base to take photographs of you and/or your baby or child to use on their website, in promotion or for education purposes then please state this in an email at your initial booking.

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