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60 minute initial consultation+

45 minute follow up

+ analysis of family sleep questionnaire

+ bespoke sleep plan


 Karen will:

help you to gain knowledge and skills about your baby or toddler's sleep requirements

help you to establish healthy sleep hygiene with your baby or toddler, including effective soothing & settling techniques

help you to understand your baby or toddler's sleep cues

and how to respond to your baby & toddler sensitively & responsively while establishing healthy sleeping patterns

What to expect?

Karen will send you out a detailed sleep questionnaire to completed and returned to Karen prior to her first visit.

Karen will then visit you at home to talk about your concerns and discuss her analysis of your sleep questionnaire. Karen will

Following her initial consultation, Karen will send you a bespoke sleep plan with short and long term goals for you to try.

Karen will visit you again at home to follow up on your sleep plan and see how you are all getting on. 

Baby & Toddler Gentle Sleep Solutions: Service
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