Every parent understands the value of a good nights sleep for the whole family and most parents will worry about their child's sleep at some point.

Whether you are a sleep deprived new parent needing some extra support, a parent unsure of how much sleep your child should be getting, have a baby who wakes every hour to feed or have a toddler who refuses to go to bed at all ........ SLEEPOLOGY can help.

Parents can now book for an individual 1:1 SLEEPOLOGY APPOINTMENT with Karen Ditchfield to discuss specific sleep needs. Please click on the stage/age of your child for more details and to book:

Pre-Natal Sleep 45 mins £40

Newborn Sleep 45 mins £40

3-4 Months 'Sleep Shaping' 1 hour £55

Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions  2 hours £90


SLEEPOLOGY is a series of unique courses aimed at empowering parents with the skills, knowledge and confidence to encourage healthy sleeping habits in their own children with gentle and loving methods.

Within each SLEEPOLOGY course  Karen Ditchfield  (Diploma Children's Sleep) will gently guide parent's through: 

  •  the latest scientific evidence related to child sleep theory

  • the impact of sleep on child development

  • how to develop good sleep hygiene and healthy sleep patterns 

  • tried and tested soothing and settling techniques

  • coping with crying and PURPLE crying

  • how to develop a bespoke sleep plan for your child

There are 4 SLEEPOLOGY courses to choose from:


For expectant parents and parents with infants aged up to 4 months old


For infants aged between 4 months and 12 months old

SLEEPLOGY Older baby

For infants aged between 12 months and 18 months


For children aged between 18 months and 3 years old

Each SLEEPOLOGY course costs £129

SLEEPOLOGY includes:

3 Parts + 3x Follow-Up 15 mins ZOOM appointments with Karen Ditchfield

Part 1

Parents are invited to complete our unique SLEEPOLOGY sleep questionnaire and sleep journal prior to attendance to the first workshop. Your family SLEEPOLOGY sleep questionnaire and sleep journal will be reviewed by Karen Ditchfield  who will give written recommendations and advice to help parents identify specific areas of need when planning their own bespoke sleep plan. 

Part 2

A 2 hour workshop.

Workshop 1 focuses on the theory of children’s sleep, but don’t worry. This is not rocket science and you do not have to sit a test but understanding the theory behind child sleep is a great starting point to understanding your own child’s sleep pattern better. Workshop 1 includes discussion of:

  • The function of child sleep

  • Child Sleep requirements across the stages of development

  • Common sleep disorders

  • Child development and its effect on sleep.

Part 3

A second 2 hour workshop. Workshop 2 focuses on the practical elements of child sleep and how you can use child sleep theory to help develop healthy sleep patterns for your own child. Within workshop 2 parents will explore:

  • Getting the Sleep Basics Right

  • Soothing & Settling Techniques

  • Understanding crying

  • Sleep tips

  • Tried and tested gentle methods for getting your child to sleep through the night.

  • Designing a bespoke family sleep plan

In addition, all SLEEPOLOGY workshops will incorporate our distinctive Haven & Base feature, Restoring Balance. Restoring balance is about understanding how stress impacts us as individuals, how stress impacts our children and how we can develop strategies for coping with stress and anxiety.

Within each SLEEPOLOGY workshop participants will be given opportunities to:

learn specific breathing techniques, meditation and visualisation exercises that might help in times of stress and may be very useful to try when attending a child in the middle of the night.