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NURTURE is a series of friendly, thought provoking and relaxing parenting workshops delivered at key points across the perinatal period:

  •  pregnancy

  • 4th trimester

  • Baby 3-6 months

  • Older Baby 6-12 months

All of our workshops are designed to sit alongside existing maternity and child health services. 

Parents can mix and match from our range of workshops and courses from 28 weeks gestation until their child reaches 1 year old to find support and advice that is truly bespoke to their own family and their individual needs.

NURTURE is unique in its approach as expectant and new parents are encouraged and supported to consider the psychological, emotional and relationship aspects of pregnancy, birth, parenthood and caring for a child. Within each NURTURE workshop there is a strong focus placed upon the importance of early experience for both the child and the parent and its impact on baby and child brain development and the forging of early relationships. The NURTURE workshops aim to support mental health wellbeing for the whole family and to support parents to develop an understanding of their baby and toddler's behaviour.

Each NURTURE workshop is designed to:

  • support the transition to parenthood

  • help to develop knowledge and skills about infant behaviour and capabilities

  • develop resilience and strategies for coping with stress

  •  promote mental health well-being for the whole family

  • strengthen and support early parent-infant bonding and attachment

  • encourage peer and social support.

All of our NURTURE classes are led by experienced and empathetic practitioners and delivered in small groups to ensure a more bespoke and intimate service.

Each NURTURE workshop last 2 hours and is £25 each or you can book 2 workshops for £40, 3 workshops for £60, 4 workshops for £80 or 5 workshops for £100.

Please click on your preferred perinatal stage to discover what NURTURE workshops are designed just for you.


4th Trimester

Baby 3-6 Months

Older Baby 6-12 Months