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A 2 part workshop for any expectant or new mother

Facilitated by Karen Ditchfield


Birth Art provides a still and quiet space for pregnant women and new mothers to come together and access their innermost thoughts and feelings through the creative act of drawing, painting or modelling with clay.

In the Western world we live in a left brain culture which is all about problem solving, logic and knowledge. Birth Art allows the woman to spend time in her right brain and get in touch with deeper instinctual abilities that she might have forgotten exist.

Through relaxation and creativity the woman will find new ways of perceiving pregnancy, birth and her transition into motherhood.

No art experience or talent is required. There is no 'right way' of doing Birth Art- women are encouraged to allow their instinct to take over and for their creation to flow ( a lot like birth and motherhood).

Each workshop starts with a simple meditation and everyone is welcomed into the circle. Birth Art materials will be placed in the centre of the circle to be chosen by each woman who is then left to work by herself. At the end of the allocated time, we allow a time for talking and sharing of thoughts and ideas (but only if you would like to share).

Birth Art Workshops: About Us
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