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4 weekly sessions​ x45 minutes.

For all fathers and their infants aged between 3 weeks and 4 months old.

Facilitated by Karen Ditchfield


Massage is a lovely way for new fathers to strengthen the bond that their share with their baby.

Our father- baby massage course is a beautiful 'hands on' experience for new fathers to try with their babies and can be especially useful in promoting bonding where fathers are separated from their baby for extended periods due to work or relationship breakdown.

Massaging a baby has great benefits for both fathers and their babies as massage helps with calming and relaxing an infant, enhancing growth, improving infant sleep and for father’s massage helps to develop sensitivity to the baby and understand their needs better, helps to build a father’s confidence in handling and caring for their baby, and can even help lower a fathers own stress levels.

You are required to provide your own oil for infant massage. The Haven & Base baby massage policy will be sent out to you at booking.


Week One

Exploration: Infant massage guidelines and practice.

Activity: Baby massage strokes: Legs and feet

Restoring Balance: Relaxing breathing exercise

Week Two

Exploration: sleep/awake states and baby cues

Activity: massage strokes- Stomach & Chest

Restoring Balance: Relaxing breathing exercise

Week Three

Exploration: Why do babies cry?

Activity: massage strokes- arms & hands

Restoring Balance: Relaxing breathing exercise

Week Four

Exploration: How to encourage communication and learning between you and your baby.

Activity: massage strokes- back and face

Restoring Balance: Relaxing breathing exercise.

father-baby massage: About Us
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