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Karen Ditchfield is committed to providing support, advice and education to new fathers and their babies that specifically meet a new father's needs with one-to-one home support and bespoke father-baby workshops.

Becoming a father can be an incredible experience but the arrival of a new baby also marks a time of major change and responsibility for a man.

It’s not uncommon for fathers to feel overwhelmed or daunted by the prospect of caring for a tiny baby.

Some new fathers may even feel excluded or ‘unneeded’ during the immediate time following birth and may feel they have no specific role (especially if their partner is breastfeeding), viewing the mother as the most important caregiver and preferring to take a more passive or secondary role themselves.

It is also estimated that 1 in 20 fathers experience postnatal depression and between 5-15% of all new fathers experience peri-natal anxiety but fathers are less likely to access support.

Fathers are just as important to their new baby as mothers are and require the same support in preparing to become a father and in those early days, weeks and months following birth.

When fathers get involved in caring for a new baby right from birth, they can make a vital contribution to their children’s development. Babies need their fathers, just as they need their mothers, to love them, to be interested in them and to respond to their needs, making them feel valued and loved.

Karen can:

  • Support a new fathers transition to parenthood

  • Provide emotional and psychological support. 

  •  Promote a father's confidence in handling and caring for a new baby.

  • Increase a father's knowledge and understanding of infant care.

  • Promote a fathers understanding about the communication and capabilities of a new baby. Promote and strengthen the father-baby bond.



New Father Check-In

60 minute consultation


New Father New Baby

3x45 minute consultation + telephone/email support throughout



Facilitated as a 1:1 in the comfort of your own home or within The Haven & Base Studio, Pulborough.

Becoming A Father:

Designed to help expectant fathers and new fathers prepare emotionally and psychologically for their transition into parenthood, understand the role that they play in their child's development, and increase knowledge and skills around new baby capabilities and communication.

£60 for a 60 minute workshop

Father-Infant Baby Massage:

A 4 session course delivered at home for a new father and their baby (aged between 4 weeks and 4 months) to attend together to learn a specific infant massage routine and technique.

 4 x 45 minutes  


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