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12-36 MONTHS

By this stage your child's communication steps up a notch and they will really find their voice. Toddler's can name objects and pictures, can understand and imitate new words. The human baby brain grows and develops, starting in utero but most rapidly during the first 2 years of life. By the age of 2-years-old, your baby's brain is approximately 80% of an adult weight, and by 5-years-old they will have 90% of their adult weight.

By this stage, conflict, boundaries and discipline can be an issue. Your once obedient, passive baby begins to assert their own independence on things and suddenly begin to say NO! and MINE!

We have developed the following range of services to support families with toddlers:

1:1 SUPPORT With Karen Ditchfield

You can book Karen for a 1:1 appointment for support and advice about your toddler. 

TODDLER 18-24 MONTHS: About Us
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