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The 4th Trimester is the 12 week period immediately after birth. Its a time of great physical and emotional change as a baby adjusts to being outside the womb and parents adjust to their transition into parenthood.

Many parents are unaware that a baby is born with an 'undeveloped' brain and nervous system. The human baby brain grows and develops, starting in utero but most rapidly during the first 3 years of life. The 4th trimester marks a critical time for your baby's nervous system which is developing in response to their environment and the love and care that you as a parent give. 

It can be relentless taking care of a tiny baby, establishing feeding, learning about your baby's behaviour and coping with a lack of sleep all the while coping with your own transition into parenthood. Parents will need lots of emotional, practical and psychological support during their 4th trimester especially if they are first time parents.

We have designed the following workshops and courses to support new parents and their babies as they navigate the first 12 weeks following birth.


with Karen Ditchfield

You can book a 1:1 appointment with Karen to help support your 4th trimester journey. Karen can support new parents with sleep, feeding, infant crying or provide a listening ear to an overwhelmed or anxious parent.

From £30 for a 30 minute clinic appointment. Home visits available from £45 for 45 minutes.

BOOK A FREE 20 minute DISCOVERY CALL to discuss your needs.

NURTURE workshops £25 each

(or if booked together- £40 for 2, £60 for 3, £80 for 4 or £100 for 5 workshops)  

1 Understanding The Behaviour Of A Newborn.

2 What is the 4th Trimester? Adjusting to life with a Newborn.

3 Birth Art: A Reflection On Birth & Labour

4 Understanding Crying and Gentle & Soothing Solutions.

5 The Communications and Capabilties of a Newborn Baby

See FATHERS for more details on bespoke father workshops and support.

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