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Pregnancy is a great time for women to think about who they are, what kind of life experience has got them to this place, what an expectant mother’s feelings, dreams and aspirations are for her baby, and what kind of mother, she will or will not become.
It’s also a time to restore balance and bring calm to a woman’s life.

We have designed the following range of workshops to support expectant mothers as they prepare physically, emotionally, and psychologically for birth and their transition to motherhood.

NURTURE WORKSHOPS (for expectant mothers from 28 weeks gestation)

£25 each

(or if booked together are £40 for 2, £60 for 3, £80 for 4 and £100 for 5 workshops)

1  Pre Birth Parenting

2 Emotional Regulation in Pregnancy & Beyond

3 Oh baby! How Will I Mother Thee?

4 Preparing for the 4th Trimester

5 Birth Art: Preparing for Birth & Labour



See FATHERS for bespoke father workshops and support.

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