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An alternative way to celebrate an expectant mother- to- be.

A blissful, relaxing and energising workshop lasting 3 hours

For all expectant mothers in their last trimester.

Facilitated by Karen Ditchfield

This beautiful, relaxing workshop is delivered as a private gathering (held in our Haven & Base Studio or at a venue of your choice) for one expectant mother and up to 11 of her closest female family and friends.

The blessingway ceremony or mother blessing is often seen as an alternative baby shower in the Western world but is traditionally performed by Navajo people to celebrate a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. 

You do not have to be spiritual or religious to take part in this blissful mother blessing or feel you are particularly 'new age' as the main purpose of the ceremony is about women supporting women when they need it most.

The blessingway is a circle of woman sharing, celebrating and empowering the mother -to- be as she prepares to birth her child and transition into motherhood.  It’s a ceremony to symbolize the love and support that’s being offered to her and can be a deep and transformational experience.  

A blessingway ceremony is a beautiful way for a woman to prepare emotionally, spiritually and mentally for birth and her all-important rite of passage into motherhood and for her to feel she is supported by other women on this journey.

The blessingway starts with all of the women welcomed into a circle with an unlit birth candle placed in front of the expectant mother and a small votive candle placed in front of everyone else. The facilitator then begins the first of 10 rituals within the ceremony by gently cleansing the space with sage.

The other 9 rituals include:

  •  a short meditation and mother blessing

  •  the making of a floral garland for the mother to be

  • an aromatic washing of the expectant mothers feet

  • the bead ceremony

  • the lighting of the candles from the birth candle with positive intentions/affirmations

  • the sharing of positive birth stories and messages

  • creating a birth temple

  •  the sharing of cords (tied around each woman's wrist) that will not be taken off until the baby has been born.

  •  a closing meditation

The cost for the Blessingway Ceremony is £250 for up to 12 female particpants inclusive of venue hire(in the Haven & Base Studio), light refreshments and the flowers, beads, candles, cord, sage and aromatics required for the ceremony. Guests will also be given instructions to take home about the candle and the cord.

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