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NURTURE Early days

Three 2 -hour workshops delivered across 3 weeks for both parents and their infant aged between birth and 4 weeks old.

Maximum of 6 families (up to 2 caregivers and their infant).

£80 Including continued personal support by Karen Ditchfield via email or telephone contact throughout the 3 week course)

This blissful course supports parents and babies in those very early days and gives an introduction into the themes that will be discussed in more detail in the Nurture postnatal and Mama & Baby courses.

Within these 3 sessions there is a greater emphasis upon soothing, settling, and restoring balance with 1 breathing exercise and a guided mediation introduced within each session.

This course is suitable to be delivered on a 1:1 basis at home.


THEME: Voice, gaze and touch

EXPLORATION: Infant mental health and sleep/awake states

ACTIVITY: New-born Behavioural Observation (NBO)

RESTORING BALANCE :Belly breathing/ Guided visualisation


THEME: Infant crying

EXPLORATION: Physiology of crying/regulation/PURPLE crying/attachment behaviours

ACTIVITY: Introduction to baby massage/ soothing and settling techniques

RESTORING BALANCE: Count Blow 5/Guided visualisation



THEME: Infant sleep

EXPLORATION: Healthy sleep patterns/SIDs/dummies

ACTIVITY: Safe swaddling

RESTORING BALANCE: Breathing exercise/ Guided meditation


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